ISO 27001 Certification

What is ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the International Standard for Information Security Management. As a business you have a legal obligation under the Data Protection Act and to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to ensure that data is protected. (DPA is regulatory and the ICO is an independent body…) The ISO 27001 standard is designed to ensure that adequate and proportionate security controls are put in place to ensure Data Protection and protect sensitive company information and data in order to comply with Data Protection laws and also to gain customer confidence. In brief…

  • ISO 27001 provides a common framework for businesses to follow
  • ISO 27001 provides a risk based approach to help plan and implement an Information Security Management System.
  • ISO 27001 ensures the right people, processes, procedures and technologies are in place to protect information assets
  • ISO 27001 protects information and ensures its confidentiality, integrity and availability are maintained

What can ISO 27001 do for me?

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, it is important to be able to demonstrate that you and your business are a trusted partner to your customers and clients. ISO 27001 provides the following key benefits;

  • Tender and competitive advantage
  • Meeting supply chain requirement
  • Improved stakeholder confidence
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Consistency across sites
  • Protect brand and reputation against liability
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Reducing insurance and mitigating related costs

ISO 27001 Protects your reputation

As the world becomes ever more reliant upon information (both technical and physical) the risk of losing that information increases on a daily basis. Our businesses are constantly open to threats, from internal or external sources (rogue employees to hackers) to intentional and unintentional losses. If you suffer a loss of personally identifiable or financial information then you need to inform the ICO (as a requirement of the Data Protection Act) and, dependent upon the type and scale of that breach, could be liable for regulatory action that includes punitive investigation and fines. In extreme cases the person responsible for Data Protection in your organisation could go to prison. Even if this does not happen you will need to explain to your clients and customers why you lost their information, leading to compensation claims, loss of reputation and future earnings. Gaining ISO 27001 Certification is a cost-effective way for your organisation to demonstrate to customers that you take protection of their data and information seriously and have systems in place to manage the threats that information can be subjected to.

ISO 27001 increases profits

ISO27001 can significantly increase the profits and new business opportunities of an organisation.

ISO 27001 reduces costs

ISO27001 can significantly reduce the operational costs of doing business making substantial business savings. Repeatable, sustainable, mature processes reduce incident costs, support costs, staff training costs, outage costs and new business take on costs.

ISO 27001 Certification

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