Agenci Compliance and Information Security Services

ISO 27001 

ISO27001 is the international standard for Information Security. Increasingly it is a requirement of your customers that you hold this certification. Agenci Information Security are approved partners of the British Standards Institute and provide a complete ISO27001 through to certification.

PCIDSS Compliance

All companies that process and store customer payment card transactions are required to maintain their network security in accordance with the detailed specifications mandated under the Payment Card Industry data security standard (PCI DSS). Failure to demonstrate compliance can result in severe restrictions being placed on merchants by the card issuers, including the ultimate sanction of withdrawal of card authorisation facilities.

Outsourced Information Security

For companies that cannot justify a full time team to manage Compliance and Information security Agenci provide a fully outsourced model.

Business Continuity

Are clients and suppliers wanting to review your business continuity plans, do you have relevant up to date and tested business continuity plans, do you need a review of your business continuity plans to gain confidence they will be effective when needed.


There a wealth of standards that relate to data, information and information technology and Agenci are qualified and certified to deliver full solutions to our clients.


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