Stuart Barker

Executive Summary

Agenci was founded by Stuart Barker in 2010 as a specialist Cyber Security company. Stuart has over 20 years industry practitioner experience operating at senior levels of management. He is a specialist in the implementation and audit of governance and controls frameworks. Stuart was the Head of Data Governance and Information Security at GE Money Bank and subsequently Santander for over 10 years. He applies the wealth of experience to a diverse range of international clients.

Stuart Barker

GE educated Stuart within the GE Management training program for business. Stuart holds extensive industry qualifications in governance and security backed by experience and a track record of delivery. Amongst his qualifications he holds CISA, CIMP, CISSP designations and has been a PCI DSS QSA. Stuart is a recognised subject matter expert on Data Governance. He specialises in ISO 27001 and ISO 27001 certification.

Agenci Team

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